chibi_5 (chibi_5) wrote in disneysfairest,

Selling afew disney items including Rapunzels 3ft talltower

Hi all I'm new! My name is Jessica and Ive been collecting disney dolls since I was 3 years old!! To this day I still collect disney dolls and my newest addition is the Merida doll from the disney store!!!! I'm being good so dont spoil the movie for me :3

anywho heres my collection:

and Finally, I have a few items that need a good home such as Rapunzels 3ft tall tower (for barbie sized dolls) Maximus, and tons of other disney items. Please feel free to take a look! If you have any questions at all please let me know! I will be happy to answer :D 

heres my sales:

Anywho nice to meet you all and hope to hear from other fellow collectors soon :3


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